Catch you

You writhe up above me, demon oh so lovely

Your talons dig within me, like our love...but skin deep.

Your secret tears fall around me, till in your all i’m drowning.

You want to tell me your pain, but you’re scared you’re insane

And that I’d tell you as much cos i love you less when we fuck.

You smile loving so horribly, i whisper nothing as honestly

As the truth i withhold when you’re mine to hold

You desperately seek more hurt for your heart, disrespecting me you hope that I’ll start

Attacking you loving you less breaking and bruising sacred flesh

But i could never do as much as you for this; self afflicted stories cut on your wrists.

 I could never do as much as you to love and yet hurt you two

Later on you lay beside me chained up as though your hiding

You weep oh so gently and beg please forget me....

Please forget me

Just forget me...

Suicide blonde dying again
I saw you fall from heaven

My heartaches just looking at you
I hope one day you’ll let me catch you

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