As the Cat Says, Hang in There

Don’t listen to what they say.

Truly romantic things do happen.

Someone will tell you things so sweet-

and therefore so unbelievable to you-

that you’ll cry

and laugh

and smile


like really smile


honestly smile.


So hold on for that--

you’ll get it

and it’ll be so worth it.


Remember that texts from a long-haired boy are

a perfectly good reason to stay alive.

Don’t be ashamed of that.


There is no bad reason to stay alive.


One day you’ll be living just for you.

Until then, you can hold onto him.


As long as you hold on


You just gotta hold on.


I love you

And one day you will too


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I love how you admit the fact that love and its beautiful parts are part of reality! So true!


Thank you so much!

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