Carpe Diem

“Carpe Diem” is a phrase that I am

introducing to you in the hope that you

will remember what it means and why it



I brought you into this world.

I gave you a home, food, and guidance.

I was the illegitimate parent who feels

a compelling urge to hold onto you

because I love you.


I taught you to be fair.

I told you what to think and why you should.

As I watched you slowly drift away, I panicked

and locked you into my asylum of reassurance

because I love you.


I scolded you when you misbehaved,

then comforted you as you sobbed away.

I apologized when I realized I’d wronged you,

but was never hesitant to teach you humility

because I love you.

I sheltered you from the world.

I never gave you the chance to show me

that you rightfully deserved one.

I kept you close to my heart

Because I love you.


I no longer recognize the child I made mine.

I now have the courage to let you go to wherever

you feel you are summoned to arrive.

I am trusting you more than you’ve earned

to make the responsible choice

because I love you.


Carpe Diem.

Never let anyone tell you can’t.

No matter where you are or who you

meet, you stick to your beliefs and show

the most affection you can muster to

those who are not deserving of it.

That’s why I love you.

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My family
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