Carpé Noctem

Sat, 11/07/2015 - 17:24 -- Rendle

The sun even sets in paradise

But when the sun goes down

I know who will come around

Staring through the dim light

With those deep purple galaxy eyes

Swimming in the earthly veins

Only wishing on airplanes

I know where I’m going tonight

To fly in your skies

Rise up in your arms

We know we keep each other warm

The uncertain future is bright



The wind can speak

Ventriloquists slip secrets

But have no regrets

For flight is possible in your mind

Together we’re never weak

Though they don’t belong

The pieces from a picture

A puzzle more beautifully defined


Alive for the night

Joined with the cosmic verse

Willing the clock to reverse

Watching them dissolve wings of butterflies.



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