The Carousel

Do you remember the time when the Carousel was first built?

What joy it brought to those who anticipated!

The gems which twinkled and flared,

The paint all smooth and bright.

And the tearful smiles shone on the faces who rode it.


Do you remember the Carousel during its prime?

More people were starting to become aware

Of this ride that gives its own flair and tenacity!

Although still quite young and immature,

The Carousel never fails to be loved by both young and old.


Do you remember the Carousel as it aged?

The wooden seats were worn out,

The gems has lost its fierceness,

Even the cogs and gears showed rust over time.

But still the Carousel happily ran because everyone loved it.


Tell me, do you still remember the Carousel?

Even though its existence is no more,

The memory is still new, and it's as vivid as ever.

So, please don't stop loving it,

If not for its presence, then for the joy it brought.


Let's say no more, as the rest you can figure out.

The Carousel now is renewed and we'll soon join it,

Becoming once more as children and adults

Who enjoyed the presence of it as it runs through the night.


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