Carefree summers


 Bleach blond hair

   Pigtails, ponytails, braids

    Brown eyes, bold smiles

     Flip-flops, tank tops, Shorts

      Screaming, laughing, whispering


     Running, skipping, climbing


   Concrete burning feet

  Calluses form


 Bright sun, cotton candy clouds

Street shaded with trees

 Parks, slides, playgrounds


  Jump rope, hopscotch, tag

   Beanie babies, Polly pockets

    Building forts


     Fresh cut grass, itchy skin

      Pollen allergies, watery eyes, sneezes

       Playing with the hose, running through the sprinklers


     Swimming pools

    Sun tanned skin


  Sunscreen, aloe vera


Dad’s music

 Dave Matthews Band, Counting Crows, Train

  Cleaning house, Windex permeates about


   Ice cream truck jingles down street


     Sticky face, hands, everywhere

      Lemonade stand

    Fresh fruit off trees



Boy, do I miss you…


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