Cardboard Box

I'm like a cardboard box...

My edges are creased, 

I seem to be put together, 

But I'm not. 

If I'm left in the rain I fall apart, 

That is what happens when I hold so much inside, 

I'm left to bear all the weight and carry it. 

But when I feel empty, I feel nothing... 

What I need is the weight of love to hold me down, 

Or else I'll drift away. 

Please save me. 

Don't let the world throw weight into the cardboard box you see 

You'll never know how hard it is to carry the weight of what one bears on the inside, 

So unless you have carried the cardboard box I see as myself, be the love I need, 

Because that is all I have to tape the edges of my torn up box. 


This poem is about: 
My family
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