The Captain and the Mermaid


United States
29° 54' 58.2048" N, 95° 31' 48.8424" W

There’s a cold wind tonight
It scratches my face, burns my nose
Chills the marrow in my bones
But I don’t shiver
My stance remains the same

I close my eyes
It’s loud tonight
The howl of the wind rushes past
Back and forth the waters crash
And one sweet siren…

I pick her notes out of the roaring ambience
And suddenly I’m far
Far away from here
Dancing beneath the moonlit water
Immersed in her life, her hair, her voice
No battles to fight, no gold to unearth
Nothing in the world but us and the sea

My hat has blown off
There’s a cold wind tonight
It threatens to numb my hands and face
But she sings
And I am warm


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