Cape-less Super Hero

We call you a hero not because of  your shiny hats, or your golden suits.

We call you heroes because you watch the backs of all your recruits;

To see to it that every man and woman have the power to make it through.

Through the fire, smoke, and flames, a breath of fresh are is anew.


We call upon you in need of help, to show us the way through

Through all the screams and cries, into the arms of your crew.


We remain safe until we are home, and our blankets over our heads.

We think to ourselves deep in thought upon our soft beds.


Did we miss it before, is it really that hard?

No one ever noticed what you have done.

You are the heaven's guard,

The ones who decide who is ready for the warmth of the sun,

And who is not yet done, for no reward.


Your capes are on the floor, your mask is on the dresser,

Yet we never see them, it's just a blur.

For you are proud of your shiny hats, and your golden suits,

So one day soon I'd like to be your new recruit

And I would be proud to step into your boots.



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