Can't you see it

Mon, 05/08/2023 - 00:15 -- Prexie

Can't you see it on my face,
The tears etched into my skin from nights I cried myself to sleep,
My pale skin that's turning white from not eating,

Can't you see it in my eyes,
All the tears I've shed,
all the times you've said mean things to me,
all the pain I've been through,
all the things I shouldn't have seen,
shouldn't have experienced,

Can't you see it on my lips the slight smile I'm forcing,
all the times I've bitten it trying to stop myself from crying,
or say something wrong,

Can't you see it in my voice that's always quiet and shaky,
the words I'm forcing out,
just to please you,
so I won't get hurt again,

Can't you see it in my hands that are fidgetting,
my nails that I rip at,
to distract myself from the pain inside,
The top of my hands that I've scared by scratching it,

Can't you see it on my wrists,
The little white lines you criticize me for,
being ugly and showing signs of being weak,
The blood that pours from my veins to keep me alive,
and let me feel something,

Can't you see it on my body,
how I'm constantly losing weight from not eating,
the scars that are scattered all over my body,
that you still call fat and ugly,

Can't you see it in my clothes all black and long,
just to cover up my scars and the ugliness,
you made me believe I was,

Can't you see all the pain I'm in,
All the things I've experienced that I shouldn't have,
all the times I've tried to kill myself.





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