Can't you see I'm no normal teen?

Bring me sadness, bring me pain.

Bring me something, I'm going insane.

I need help, are you there?

No one is, not anywhere.

I'm in the shadows where no one seeks.

I'm losing balance, I'm very weak.

My face is pale, my eyes turned green.

Can't you see I'm no normal teen?

I'm scared in this world, I'm all alone.

I don't know where to go, I'm on my own.

Is there a brighter future for me to see?

Oh pain and hate, please let me be.

I'm hiding my side with a smile to share.

I'm doing a good job, no one is aware. 

I'm using my strength to get up everyday.

But hopefully soon it'll take me away.

I ran away, once before.

It caught up to me and rushed through my door.

All this sadness, all this pain.

I'm disappointed, once again.

When can hapiness start to begin?

I wrote this in words, you don't know it's me.

I don't want to return, please let me be free.

My face is pale, my eyes turned red.

I hurt myself and turned out to be dead. 


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