Can't Live Without Confidence

There is only one thing I can’t truly live without

It’s a tool designed to erase every fear and doubt


In fact, the best tool I have I can’t visibly show

This tool is none other than confidence, don’t you know?


Without confidence, I’d never attend school or work

What’s the point? I’ll fail and everyone thinks I’m a jerk.


I’ll never know how much I’d love working with sewing

And I’ll doubt if fashion design is where I’m going


I’ll never meet new friends who share a passion with mine

Others that love drawing, sewing, and fashion design


Or, what if I decided sewing wasn’t for me?

The very thought of changing paths is really scary


Two years are wasted and changing majors is daunting

 Switching to PR and regretting will be haunting


Then all of the sudden, my confidence charges in

Beating out my insecurities; taking the win


The knowledge I’ve learned is not wasted in any way

My sewing and design could come in handy someday


In my life, I’m allowed to have more than one passion

That is; I can be great at both writing and fashion


It is frightening to be young and not know what to do

I simply hope for the best and try thinking it through


I’m learning you can’t control all that happens in life

But there’s no sense in having my own internal strife


If I do what I feel is best and trust my thinking

Then confidence will always stop my ship from sinking

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