Can't Live Without


He is the vivid flame in a dark that shows the way,

An all-forgiving master,

That sustains my life.

His breath fills my lungs.

Without Him, the world goes on worthlessly whirling around.

Pure joy flows from Him only,

And without this, sadness appears like a dark storm cloud.

Without Him, I would be lost hanging by a thread,

And there would be no light at the end of the tunnel.

He is the wind beneath my wings,

That raises me up so I can soar.

He is the peace that comforts my soul.

Without His presence in my life, I would be nothing like a grain of sand.

Yet His presence is like an oyster that takes in the worthless grains of sand,

Transforming them into a beautiful pearl.

With God, I am that pearl.

He is the one I can’t live without.


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