Cant Be Scared- Nicolas Mitchell(Fight The Fear Scholarship Slam)

Facing my fear,

was the last thing on my mind, 

heart beating everytime I see my bully,

I was running out of time, 

skinny kid like me , 

standing up for myself, 

I was deep in my thoughts, 

screaming for help, 

Bully hit me right, 

Bully hit me left, 

I felt like a puching bag, 

still crying for help, 

But the day has come, 

done being timid,  

tired of being scared, 

of the so called bully, 

the day has came after being droven insane, 

the bully was smiling but my eyes was full of pain, 

was I wrong what I have did to dwane, 

for beating the bully until he bleed, 

beating him so bad like I was starring in the movie creed, 

the bully plead while his nose still bleeds,

running from my fears was no longer me, 

fight the fear was something I succeed


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