Can't always run away from these clouds, it's just gonna come down.

Babe, don't mind the tears,it's just the rain built up over the years.Inside me are some dark storm clouds,a past that howls something loud. Don't fret, the shutters are closed tight,life's hurricane won't destroy me tonight.We'll hold each other close,keep the warmth between us. Baby, when my door blows down,and the windows blow in,yours are the arms I'm cradled within. Few find it right that a boy like me,has found a love like you,the rain drowns out their thoughts,it will always drown out our blues. Oh, babe, please don't mind my tears,it's just the hate built up over the moons,Outside are some pitchforks and torches,they're going to do what they'll do. Love, when you pick me up off the floor,I'm no longer just a broken toy,you make me the strongest one can do,you want me, not some barbie girl. When the sunny days blow away,and our good days go with it,I'll be safe knowing you're not done with me.I can't run away from all of these clouds,when in the distance we can see it coming down. Baby, oh, please don't mind my few tears,it's only the rain coming down,from the silver wool clouds in my mind.In your arms is the right one you've wanted,it's love in its perfect way.


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