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Over the last year, I became invested in gun control. This is my poem. 



Friday, July 20th, 2012. 12:38a.m.Midnight screening of The Dark Night Rises.  Bullets were piercing into bodies of all sizes.  Fired by a man who thought he was the Joker. He gambled with their lives like it was straight poker.  There were bodies littered on the ground, and the last thing they heardwas the ear splitting sound.  We light 12 candles, "America is in shambles-But don't blame the guns." Friday, December 14th, 2012. 9:35a.m.Two weeks before Christmas.  The excited chatter of children is silenced,When they are told to hold hands and stay quiet.  Their teacher shields them, she's willing to die to protect them.  Their friends are taken to the holy land. No more trips to Disneyland.The kids, they don't understand. They can't understand.  We light 26 candles, "America is in shambles-But don't blame the guns." Wednesday, June 17th, 2015. 9:00p.m. They sit in peace and read their bibles as a whole.  Then storms in an angry young manwho sees the color of their skinand not the color of their souls.  Though he sees that we all bleed the same color. As crimson red drips down onto their shirt collars.  God's followers, they die as blacks, they die as martyrs.  We light 9 candles, "America is in shambles-But don't blame the guns." Sunday, June 12th, 2016 2:02a.m.Pulse, a gay nightclub is filled with total mayhem.  The love between same sexes is a thing he condemns.  A terrorist, who would rather see two men riddled bullet holes,than to see two men holding hands.  In Pulse, pulses grew weaker, but the LGBT pulse grew stronger,as they took their stands.  We light 49 candles, you say, "It's a senseless tragedy that no one could have predicted."Yet you still tell me not to blame the guns, that they shouldn't be restricted. Every year, we light 12,000 candles for the victims of gun violence. 12,000 American families in shambles. Yet you still say the antiquated 2nd amendment, is your fundamental right. That it's more important than my human right to live a safe life.  That the thought of one day being denied the purchase of an assault rifle, is more disturbing to you than the lives of thousands being stifled.  A background check before purchasing a powerful weapon is labeled as an invasion of privacy.It's almost like you forgot that they're used to commit murders so violently.  It gives me anxiety to step into a movie theater and even my own school. I never know if I'm a target, So many people in this world are so cruel.  The air is cry filled with your comparisons of gun deaths to auto accidents, yet you ignore that cars are more regulated. I hate to disappoint but the two are not affiliated. If you cannot tell the difference between a gun and a car, you clearly lack the knowledge to operate either.  You also claim that murders will continue if governmental action is taken. Since only criminals and gang bangers are the ones leaving lives shaken.  Though as I've already mentioned, most of these killers, are not known by family and friends as the lawless and the forsaken.  They're people with easy access to weapons who snapped and drug other's lives down with them.  In 2015, gun violence took the lives of:48 people in Japan. 8 in Great Britain. 34 in Switzerland.52 in Canada. 58 in Israel. 21 in Sweden. 42 in West Germany. -And 11,728 in The United States.  How many more candles must we light, how many more parents have to be reminded that their children's lives are finite,before we realize too many have died? Before we realize we need to stop letting guns slide.     

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