Can You See The World Beyond Your TouchScreen?


The playgrounds are empty longing the children's presence


They no longer see children rustling to get the first swing


The sands are bare of prints, and the grains are all set in place


Tapping away on their touch screens, children can now make their own virtual world in their bed rooms


The outside is a foreign world to them, no longer a reality


Cops and robbers is an unspoken tradition to them


With all the new apps and gadgets, they can make a world that suits them best


Minecraft allows them to create buildings, amusement parks and even castles!


Sand castles in the playgrounds are no longer necessary


Their fingernails no longer need to get grimy, and their clothes need not to get grubby


The whole world is stored in their clever gadgets where imagination and creativity is already set in place for them


But how can this be fine if they will miss the remarkable world beyond their touchscreen?


The only sunset they can watch will be from their Minecraft world, but it is a deceiving sunset because they cannot watch the sky metamorphose into a kaleidoscope


How will they feel their blood rushing through their bodies as they scurry to find a hiding place to hide from the person who is "it"


How can they feel alive if the only movement they are doing is by their thumbs, and their legs only to recharge their fictional world


Thank you technologically advanced society for giving us and our children a world where we need not to experience risks


For the children no longer hurry to their homes after school to play with their friends, but they scurry to the comforts of their secure room


Thank you for ripping the children from nature's embrace


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