Can you hear me now?

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 22:09 -- Leeanna


When i speak, who hears me?

Do thy friends, family, classmates, companions hear me?


Everyone over looks thy as a simple girl.

A geek.


So i run.

Running to complete a creative thesis,

So they will notice me.


When i write, do i grasp the past?

To pull history from it's place to provide a point with evidence.

Trying to connect with everyone in the world,do i succeed?



the connection has been made between the cheerleader,

the valedictorian,

the football star, 

the base ball player, 

the band geek,

the no one.


Am i done?

I can not leave in closure if im still asking for help.

I must complete my thought

I can not leave unless i finish what iv begun.


Ana, i write with you in my mind.


My underline story is my biggest secrets

which no one will ever know.


Ana is Dave's best friend.

Dave is always Depressed.

Ana comforts Dave.


I am Dave

Ana is Anorexia.


I break the bottle when i speak,

 and underline my stories,

just to get it out.


Just to be heard.


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