Can You Hear Me?

Can you hear me?
Do you know what I just said?
So many words that want to come out, but all are left unheard.
I try so hard to be heard.
No matter how much I speak up,
it doesn’t matter; they hear not a word.
It’s like a disability,
a speech impediment.
No matter how much you try,
its always the same thing:
I can’t hear you.
Speak up.
Be louder.
Stop whispering.
They think if they say these things ,
You will “find your voice”.
Even if you belt it out,
Speak your mind,
Do anything you can think of,
it will barely change a thing.
It’s a thing you can’t control.
It’s a quality you can’t just turn off.
It will always be a part of you whether you like it or not.
It can be a gift or a curse,
you decide.
You can grow out of it,
But it will always be there
to remind you of who you once were,
who you will always be.
This is who I am.
If you can’t hear me,
that is just too bad.
This is me.


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