Can you find me?

Thu, 07/12/2018 - 00:20 -- SamiC

Dancing from line to line

curious eyes search to find


The answer to their owner’s

numerous yet mild dilemmas


A talent that sports a curious case

as if it may have gone to waste


A horse and bird, she’ll oddly find

are actually there to help her mind


She reads some more and comes to see

the thing she was looking for was me


Hidden between the lines of poets

laughing at those who just don’t know it


They look and look but cannot imagine

I am waiting right there, hoping to be fathomed


For only free minds can find me

but the more they analyze the less they see


I am not tailored nor straight

and I’d hate to be in a moulded shape


So being confined in a closed mind

is not a fate I would rush to find


And so, I happily stay hidden

with only a few who my location


But those few who do find me,

also find the respect of many.



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