Can Kim Come ??

Kim just layed back spreads her thighs.., She knows Billy excites her so she just closes her eyes.., As Billy places his head between her thighs in that oral the explorer position..,He starts flicking her bean with his tongue cause making kim cum is Billy's only mission..,Sucking & nibbling on kims pussy lips.., As Kim's pussy gets wet her juices starting to drip..,She starts to curl her toes and grinding her ass in place.., My tongue has to keep this pace.., Billys tongue licks all around her clit..,
His fingers are fucking your tight bald slit.., Oh fuck that sound feels so good you moan.., My licks and sucking are making you wanna bone..,Kim wants to fuck so she squirms as he licks your pussy.., Kim you know it feels so fucking good and muchssy..,As he plays with her firm perky tits.., his tongue fucking your pretty bald slit.., As he puts a finger into her ass.., It’s pretty big and round but she likes it rough she's not made of glass.., Licking you as you start to cry with pleasured cry..,So wet and excited feeling a sexual high.., Forty five minutes later you scream out in wild pleasure scream.., she thought she was dreaming after 45 seconds past dreams.., As his tongue is enjoying of your lots of kims hot creamy cream.., Now its time for Kim to start cock sucking.., Then the finale round hard pounding 45 secs of fucking

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