Cam'ron's Ballad by: Jaay Dee Kayy

The beginning of my end,

The end of my innocence,

even though we were just kids,

That didn't stop the serpent from creeping in...;


It was a whirlwind, romance,

He was my first love, goddamn,

You were my heartbeat, lovely,

Life was peachy, rosy,

Riding high like nosebleeds,

Baby, you really know me,

Baby, you make me complete;


Had our ups and downs, so what?

Still came around even when we broke up,

You were my lifeline, though I never woke up,

And when you needed me, I always showed up,

Yeah I always, found, a way,

I should've left, but for you I, stayed,

Yeah, I knew, my heart, would break,

Just never thought, it'd end, this way....


Never thought you'd hurt, me, this way.

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