Call Me 'Black Sheep'

Knowledge grows,
But so does temptation.
Sometimes, that’s what ruins
Our younger generations.


It becomes difficult to avoid:
Following the trends
Of staying out late,
Letting life revolve around friends.


However, I’ve been blessed,
With a life split in two.
I have two homes, two families;
Spending holidays in different ways than you.


I’ve seen more than most
And learned even more.
I would be lost without one
When two seemed like such a chore.


Sometimes life seemed impossible:
“Why do I always have to leave?
My friends have the time of their lives!
Will I ever get a reprieve?”


Growing older, I appreciate more.
Not a moment do I regret
Putting family before friends;
I no longer feel upset.


Some say I haven’t experienced
All that is offered during our youth.
But I know of my childhood,
“Boring” is not the truth.


I’ve laughed until it hurts,
Run fast because I can.
I learned to enjoy solitude
And how to lend a helping hand.


I can see where friends are going
On paths much different than mine.
And I’ve never been more thankful
To be on this line.


A line to success,
A line to hope;
A line leading me towards my dreams.
No distractions in my scope…


My life has been unique from most;
With my dad, I see the country
And see Broadway with my mom.
It’s quite the family tree.

This poem is about: 
My family


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