The Call

I'm not even sure at this moment where to start
I feel as though I should probably just come straight from my heart
pour it out like the storm brewing in the dark
But I ask that you go before me as I break thru this part
Little Rosa 21 had a daughter had a son
Beauty for ashes
pain bled thru
115 is where it begun
See little Rosa probably thought she had time on her side
Time to run them streets
Time to get things right
Time to blow
Time to give her life to Christ
But time waits for no one and little Rosas life is done cut short
And here is where this poem will make a u turn towards the son...listen
I beg and plead for you to take the second step cause Jesus took the first
get right get saved run run
Run to the Father he is the only way
follow him ,follow his light he takes the dark clouds away
This is to the abandoned, the lonely, the broken and abused, church hurt , offended and also to the used and confused
It's for the depressed and suicidal the one with daddy issues and those serving false idols
From the pulpit to the alter and allll the pew warmers
It's for the pedophiles, rapist, murderers and the pimps for the prostitutes, liars and all those with secret sins we can't catch a glimpse
God is always watching between you and me
He sees all and knows all and sent his son to die for you to be free
free from sin, free from hell from here to eternity
So if you haven't done so already but are seeking desperately,
Come join in don't waste this moment to connect with the Trinity
I don't know if little Rosa was saved
I'm not sure if in the end she was free
But I know that you have life if you're reading this poem from me
Take this as a warning please hear Gods word thru me
He is coming soon to meet you but will you be READY??

© AjjayJenkins

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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