That California Breeze

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 23:26 -- bpope12


United States
32° 49' 56.766" N, 116° 52' 45.318" W

I’d be leaning against a thick tree,
staring off into the green with a film of sweat across my lip
and the smell of dinner slipping across the field
mixed with the settling of the freshly-mowed grass. 
And I imagined you would take my hand with a copper-toned finesse as I fluttered my lashes in old Hollywood fashion and there’d be a dry, California breeze and the world would be beautiful.
And the ocean would be calling-- loud, crashing waves in the middle of the day
and your skin would be sure, tough, calloused and worn,
palms and fingertips stained permanently from the dirt you were
constantly working in. 
Then I’d imagine taking that dirt bike you love so much and the times we'd drive out to the middle of nowhere and we’d lie across the fields in the middle of the day just to feel the heat spread through our clothes,
just to feel alive. 
I’d remind you of it and you’d smile all crooked with a shallow dimple like the curling caves we'd explore by the beach
Or when Chopper would jump into your lap, with a thick hearty growl, and then with a buzz, we’d both be in love. 
After that it’d be just us. 
We would run away straight for the desert and our skin would dry and our lips would chap and I’d get dizzy with desire and wanting.
Or when I’d sip warm soda I could always find, but never finish
How I'd sleep with your arm on my shoulder and my head in your lap. 
Your stubble would sprout from that strong darkened jaw and
we’d drive through winding roads so lush and so gold that it was like the sun had fell hard and shattered across the earth, forgetting some of its pieces before it rose again. 
And then it would end.
I would wake from my daydreams
But I could never shake you from me
You're scent clings to me skin, subtly
And I’d remember that night we fell in love
and taste your sweet, minty taste against my gums
and I knew there would be no one else for me.

I’m yours.


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