Caged Supernova

Beautiful verses in my head,

And merry words on my tongue.

Out they flew when I turned to this page.

Stark white, lonely without a drop of ink.

No dazzling imagery of cotton candy sunsets or icy frost on flower buds.

No anguish or love bursts from the eyes of viewers.

No uplifting guidance or eye-opening criticism.

All of my heartfelt words vanished, when my eyes met this page.

The brightness of the screen glaring without any marks.

I feel like I’m going to shatter and blow.

There is meaning and wisdom behind this shell.

Like a caged bird, it seems I have no where to go.

I know the potential I hold,

I have thunderstorms raging inside me,

Butterflies fluttering around me.

If only I could display the beautiful supernova of thoughts inside me.


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