The Caged Animal. Is Always Free.


Screaming chimp, metal ruckus
Shattering the walls of silence
As the waves of his throat cripple your peace
Boiled, completely unable to contain the expanding steam
You'd think with a needle, it'd pop
Rage, fueling with testosterone
All occurring because you care
I don't care!

Anger morphed into tears
Defenseless, unable to contain his strength
Falling with a limp body
The gulp that swallows pride & digests forgiveness
Exploding with the triple fold of an earthquake
Tears, the water that weakens the soil
Leaving the room to blossom
The pain leaving
Just dragging shards out of my eyes
Falling merely to sink into my skin
Rounded down my cheeks, dripping off my chin

Tired and weary
From what you just processed
Shifted anger into fear
Not as strong as you proposed
Your depression into pain
Let it all go
I know I don't care
What are you?

You can't cage me
Don't even think of containing me
Because my persistency is what always breaks me free
I am love
Inside your heart
Beating the rhythm of my drum
Singing only the songs, that are meant to sung


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