Thu, 03/07/2019 - 00:24 -- annis

“Don’t let fear put you in a cage”

I tell myself every day

Affirmations of love and happiness and courage

Yet, fear is my life


My cloudy thoughts are laced with fear,

Anxiety, anger, annoyance

All intertwined, braided together, holding me back

I halt it, telling myself

“Don’t let fear put you in a cage”


Fear is my frenemy

A false protector shielding myself from what is new

Telling me that I am safe

But I’m burning from the inside out


Bravery will not kill me

Speaking my truth is my right as a person

I am, I am, I am

I repeat easing the emotions that have made me their home


“I am good enough for myself and that’s all that matters” I repeat

“I am treating the world better than it treats me” I remind myself

“I am gentle with myself because I am doing my best” I think

“I do not let fear put me in a cage” I shout coming out of the cage that has always boxed me in

I am free

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