Because I love you, I have kept mt mouth shut and followed the butterflies.

shut for the sake of our relationship not to end, as in it has not officially begun, because I will not allow an opening for my shut; mouth is what touches yours when we want nothing but our souls to; connect as if we are puzzle peices perfectly molded for each other.

At least that is what i know and taking you a little longer to grasp the; thought you were happy with your "girlfriend."

Because I love you I want you too be happy, even if that is not wiht me. Yet, when you say, "I love you" your soul does not shine and I see the lack of light that was once; there you were saying "I love you" once agin. Your lie is so dictinct and thick you can fel each syllable dripping with desperation for a way; out of sight you went when you came to you senses that it was not love. when you came back i noticed a slight; change of seasons has gone by and you hand is now in; "mine is all I want you to be" he said to me.

Becasue I love you, I will be here for you, for better or for worse though sickness and in health.. at least that is what i am thinking when i heard those words but for now i am trying to; connect to your hands and body and; heart is what i trust to you to protect yet you can "play it to the beat" as Adele would say. Yet, i want to feel your beat, your rhythm, your song that can morph into our song. For now, all i can give is my love to satisfy your; craving me as I am Craving; you are still distant.

Because I love you, I will open my mouth, allowing my heart to spill out, forming words that will shape and sculpt your heart only expressing the emotions that have been over filling wiht love that I have for you.

Do you now feel the butterflies returning my love, in the pit of your stomach the butterflies grow, churning and messing with your thoughts those pesky; butterflies led me to you. Because I Love You

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