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Butterflies don't only fly free, but in human beings, who are having emotions of uncertainty, they are not ordinary butterflies though, these are those fuzzy, warm butterflies you hear about those kids on the T.V. getting, but you didn't know if they existed, they're those butterflies you thought were a stomach ache, so when you told your momma she said " baby we gotta talk" , they're those butterflies that seem to expand to the rest of your body, making your knees weak when that boy from across the street walks by, and says, in only the way he can, "hey", in the way that makes you feel as if he were the only one who mattered in the world and nothing else exsisted, but the bad thing about these butterflies is that they seem to never go away, when you get home you think of that person, you fantasis, you imagine, you can't focus, and you have no way to stop this feeling because, it's addictive, you hate to admit it, but you love thinking about him, but you can't stand no knowing why, then after wor gets out that he has got the butterflies too, you stop caring.


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