You hit verbally 

with all actions 

and i wont tell family cause god knows what happen.

i steadly stay packing

yo im lacking 

i rewind go back in the door like nothing never happened. 


Busted lip 

Loose relationship ...black eye 

and when my people's ask me what happen i take a sip!!!

I gotta make this look good so i beat my face 

all makeup on but he don't notice me anyway, 

I have kids before you but you come first 

even if that mean six feet in the hurst 

 I rehearse every safe word in the mirror 

then tommorrow became clear

 that you NOT a need you more like a want 

and 95% out of 100 i want you gone.

Because i don't need my daughter saying mom he did it again 

blood rose red it was a mistake ma and it won't happen again!


You hit physically

that was the last straw 

cats have nine lives well my life was with the law.

From time to time i think about what you did 

 hit me in front of my kids........

 you ABUSE me for the last time so....i did what i did.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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