Burning You

Burning You

Sometimes, I want to just light you up,

Burn you in your sleep.

Burn you while you’re awake.

It would be easy.

I'd warm my heart with your flames.

It would be fast; you'd vaporize into thin air,

Like nothing ever happened.

Nothing ever happened.


I couldn't bring myself to kill you.

You are a part of me as much as I am a part of you.

It would mean pain,

It would be ruin,

Would it be worth it?

To destroy myself along with you.


Sometimes, I want to just bury you alive,

To silence your taunts, to silence my cries,

To silence my mind, to stop my racing thoughts

I need the peace, the calm, and the quiet,

And I'd sleep in silence at last.

It would be easy; I'd only drop you in the hole I dug up for myself.

Like you're the one who's dead.

You're the one who wants to be dead.


I needed you to disappear.

We're you really a part of me?

I do not want the pain,

I do not want the ruin,

You did.

So I killed you to save myself.

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