A Burden That We Carry On

Pain is a thorn that pierces deep,

A wound that won't let go or sleep,

A burden that we carry on,

A constant ache that lingers long.


It twists and turns within our soul,

A fire that burns, beyond control,

It grips us tight, it won't let go,

And leaves us feeling low and slow.


It comes in waves, like ocean tides,

And pulls us under, where it hides,

It drowns our hopes and dreams away,

And leaves us lost, without a say.


It steals our laughter, steals our joy,

And leaves us feeling like a toy,

It's a shadow that we can't escape,

A nightmare that we can't break.


But through it all, we learn to see,

That pain can set our spirit free,

For in the depths of our despair,

We find the strength to persevere.


So though the road is long and rough,

And though the pain is often tough,

We hold on tight and we endure,

And find the hope that we're unsure.


For pain may be a constant friend,

But it can also be our end,

It all depends on what we do,

And how we choose to see it through.


Pain is a weight that crushes my soul,

A heavy burden that takes its toll,

It grips me tight and won't let go,

Leaving me with nowhere to go.


It's a constant ache that never fades,

A cruel reminder of mistakes I've made,

It haunts me day and night alike,

A relentless monster that never takes a hike.


It claws at my heart with vicious claws,

Ripping apart my hopes and my flaws,

It steals my breath and steals my peace,

A savage beast that never seems to cease.


But amidst the darkness, a flicker of light,

A glimmer of hope that keeps me upright,

For I know that pain is not my fate,

And I shall rise above it, however late.


So I cling to the promise of tomorrow,

A day that will bring me joy and no sorrow,

And I hold on tight with all my might,

For pain may come, but it will not win the fight.

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