"The Bully"


No one understands the pain that I go through,

they say it's just a phase, something we all do,

but I'm not part of "all" I'm unique and set apart

by the things that define me, my actions and my heart.

My actions are for all to see, but my heart must be uncovered

but most just see the outside, my soul yet not discovered.

They say that actions speak louder than words

like when a cowboy gallops, the cows follow in herds.

But words cut deep and leave gashes and scars

like being hit over the head and seeing the stars.

Now if I should die before I wake,

would anyone realize my actions were fake?

Would anyone understand my feelings inside?

Would someone care about the pain I hide?

Maybe someone would care if only they knew,

but no one understands the pain that I go through.




You know, I have this problem everyday of my life--people not seeing what goes on inside.

Growing up, I suffered bullying as well.

I ended the bullying by becoming formidable to the bulliers. I became formidible to everybody. I got my first degree black belt, learned how to fight, and fought fairly. People learned to respect and fear me.  To this day, I protect myself and others from those who wish to do us harm. 

I'm one of those people who you see standing alone, leaning against the building, arms crossed, watching everybody, with a "Watch yourself" look in my eye. People see this protector in me; someone you don't want to mess with, a tough cookie, unnaffected by everybody and everything aroundabouts. 

They never see what's underneath: lonely, tired, hopeless, and in pain. I've hidden my true self my entire life, and I will continue hiding it.

But you know something? Everybody now may not see what goes on inside right now, but someday somebody will. I may have been beaten and broken growing up, but today I seek out the beaten and broken to be that one person who does see past the shields. 

It's never hopeless, it's never too late. Fear not the words that stab so deep. For one day, the tables will turn...and you might just be the one that helps what was once thought lost


There's a secret to bullies, you know.

1) The bully has an unhappy home life

2) The bully feels jealous or threatened by you

3) The bully likes you


Usually it's the first two...for human bullies, that is...

Ah, I see, I have talked quite a bit in this comment. It's a subject close to my heart. I have one last thing to say

It's not just regular human bullies that haunt so many hurting souls, myself included......there are so many different bullies out there, some so inhuman as to...-shakes head- But nevertheless, every bully has a foe, an enemy. And there is always someone, something, to make us stronger, to help us fight, to give us strength. A special something. You just have to find it.

And I have said what is on my mind.

Let it be said--there is a key to poetry: it is the cry of the heart. 

I see you.


God Bless, 

D. ONeill



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