bullied victim- who?


There are things that people judge you on.

My conclusion is that their opinions are wrong.

All the bully's out there, no longer bring me despair.

In fact, I found they judge because they've never been shown whats fair. 

I don't wear make up to cover up who I am, and I don't need a pretty fan.

who wants to hide who they realy are, and why do bully's judge us by a far?

All they see is the outside look. Our self confidence is now what they've took. 

But we can get that back, we must not show them slack.

My voice is within the words, and I know that may sound absurd.

A victim that survived the lie, and all the tears that I did cry.

I sing a beautiful song. One that tells how I made it all along.

I play fair and I love to share.

Being bullied did not turn me into somone who doesn't care.

The sound of my voice is as a tiger.

I would volunteer to put out any fire by the liar.

Helping those in need is the goal within,

I don't need to be on top to win.

This is me without all the filters or walls.

And this is what I have found, I don't need anyother sound.

For if I had tried to keep covering up who I am,

then my name would still be within movable sand.






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