Bullet Immunity

Everyday, it's a new place with the same story

Pray for here, my heart breaks for there

People taking action in comment sections

Not at polls

Everyday, they cry for justice

Appalled at the latest senseless act of violence

Their outrage cools, they forget

Until they're reminded the next morning, greeted with the same story

A familiar plot with changing characters and background

Everyday, the outrage has slowly decreased and dwindled into a hush of sympathy

With every shooting

Which are growing more frequently

Creates more indifference and tolerance to the issue

The public hears the story repeatedly and begins to tune it out

The media can no longer sensationalize because shootings are so commonplace now

They stop broadcasting segments on them

People grow immune to the epidemic

Every shooting,

They say, "my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims"

But not their votes

They prefer to care in the moment, forget and become unconcerned

"It's sad, but it didn't affect me.

It won't happen in my life. It doesn't matter to me."

Every shooting, the old debate is rehashed

do people or guns kill people?

I say both

It is a gun that is the murder weapon

But it is the indifference and ignorance of the people that is the accomplice

They who aren't active in the fight for gun control

Have no right to be looking for justice

It's hard to find through the thousands of comments on Twitter

They who don't vote

Have no right to be offering prayers or thoughts

Save your hashtags

We need action

This poem is about: 
My country


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