To The Brother I Never Knew


To the brother I've never known
Dear Brother,
How I wish I could've met you
and know of who you were 
I've seen pictures of you plenty 
But it's in person I prefer 
Though I feel that you already know me
I am Kyla your big sister
I know you have Sariah
But I would have been bigger
They say you were full of energy
You didn't know how to frown
Could've lost your favorite toy
But even that couldn't bring you down
You're time on earth was short
I wish you could've seen another day
I'm sure that once you were a teenager
I would have to fight the girls away
Today is your sixth birthday 
I didn't know what else to do. 
Keith and Sariah made your cake
So I wrote this poem for you.
Oh, one more thing to say
Your father is holding strong
He's married my beautiful mother
But you knew that all along
To the brother I never knew
Never knew physically at least.
I wish you a happy birthday.
And that you rest in peace.


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