You’ve always come back around

sharp but not jagged

You have nothing

but undistinguished emotion

wrapped up with twine

My head picks up the high seas

I’m cyclical in nature

Start where you end, that’s what I’ve

always said

back to the top, to the mouth

My teeth were never pearls

That sinking feeling comes with a

lilt of the heart and something

missing from the mile

I can’t get it

out of

my head

My nails are purple

every single one crushed and lacquered

You expect a boom

but I know my color

I don’t want to go back to the end

Illusions sweep me off

my harmony

I don’t think I can keep

up with you

I’ve got a smoothness to me

You’re just a medley of

uneven bundles with baggage

Shoulders hold broken cartilage

True is reckless

You and I have found the

end again

It’s alone

like the start

I can always hear the sea

This poem is about: 
My family


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