The Broken Teenage Girl </3

Judging her by the way she looks thinking you understand her but in her eyes she’s misunderstood by others like you… These mixed emotions and thoughts running through her head all day and night long… Sitting  at  her bed side crying cause of the things she been through and still going through all because of people trying  to stop her from doing what’s best for herself… Why stop her from doing the right thing in life all you doing is putting more stress upon her… Let her relax for once and find her way… Release everything off her shoulders and get things off her mind … Once she’s finish doing what  she need to do then maybe she’ll forgive all those who hurt deeply… She might let bye gone be bye gone… Just remember one thing about her she never forgets everything that has happened to her …

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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 


Thank You!


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