Broken Promise

A blank sheet of paper reflects Light.

 On fire, it seems almost blinding

Forcing a change, a moment's narrowing

Of eyes, as you find a perspective-

Meaning in action quiets the mind


Awe and wonder meld at the thought

Admiration spawning from action

Bounces thought to action, imagine!

 But what paper readies light's coming?

Can its nature, overwhelmed, survive

The bombardment of an outstretched light?


That it would so perfectly accept

The overwhelming nature of the ray

Seems far-fetched, although indeed it may.

Does the paper turn to ash, transformed

By the light, reduced to memory?


Or does the stretched light lend its nature

To the paper, transferring power

To impart upon this reflector

A bold quality, just for moments

Until a soft wind blows the light gone


So it seems the powerful light can die

Unseeable, clouds can stifle the light

Still reaching for the bleakness of white?

Paper reflects no more, existing

But even clouded, remembers to dream


This poem is about: 
Our world


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