Broken Love

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 16:58 -- Pl9924

I once dreamed of the stars,

thinking about their lives,

and how they lit up the sky. 

but why couldn't they light mine?

I loved so hard yet I was pushed so far.

Our hands didn't clasp.

Our eyes never met. 

No heat in between his words. 

No passion within our hearts.

Was I deluded of the truth?

I recalled our first kiss,

in the night of our time.

We danced a story of  youth,

planning all that we went through.

We held each other so tightly in the night. 

afraid to let the other go. 

There was a bond incapable of stretching. 

But then...

I felt him fade, 

in the midst of my grasp,

fleeing in the wind. 

Running away from my arms. 

Saying that I wasn't enough. 

That our anything was our never a thing.

There he went,

right before my eyes. 

Like a ghost I could never touch.

His smile vanishing

Our everything ending. 

What did I mean to you?

Was all this a lie?

I felt my heart die,

coldness sweeped through my eyes. 

Blinding my sight. 

Anger poured through my veins. 

My blood sparking a flame. 

I was ready to yell. 

But then...

the memories rolled back,

and I was doomed to fail. 

My tears broke, 

and I lost it all.

Drop after drop,

I lost a piece of myself.

Crying up at the moon, 

I kept asking why. 

I was left alone in the woods. 

Vunerable to prey. 

Falling defeated I looked to the dark. 

Voices hushed my cries. 

Begging me to fly.

Turning me alive. 

Hungry for war.

They a whispered a deal.

Taking the old me for the new me. 

Letting me believe that revenge was the key. 

I laughed a storm of pain. 

Breaking inside for what I could never hide. 

4 years of romance, 

Ah what a waste. 

What a joke we were.

But he was mine to play with. 

I'd come back for him,

at the peak of his happiness,

and rip out his heart.

Just as he did me. 






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