Broken Glass


United States
42° 25' 57.3744" N, 71° 3' 20.592" W

               The bottle's in your hand
               And can't escape
               You won't let it.
Your hand Turns white
               From fear of losing it's best friend.

               Life as you knew it
Is gone.   Change has taken over.
               And made your life a living Hell.
               But you didn't know it was coming.

               You were living life happily
               While, slowly, It took over your body,
               Your mind,
Your soul And demolished what was left of you.

               The sun
Is gone.   You're staring up at the stars and moon.
               Your friends are silent,
               You wonder if they're thinking the
               Same thing as you.

               You just wanted to have fun.
               You didn't know that all of
The vodka Would catch up to you this much.
               You told yourself it wouldn't be like this.

               You didn't want to be like every other
               Person who
Falls        Deep into their own world
               And never returns.

               Fun with your friends turned into a need
And you   Just didn't want to stop.
               You turned into your worst enemy,
               What you were always secretly
               Afraid you would be.

No           More fun for you.
               No more best friend.
               You should have thought before
               That first sip.

               Each night began to feel
Longer     As you would continuously lie to your parents
               And come home later and later
               Until there were nights when
               You didn't come home at all.

               Where did you go?
               You are nowhere to be found.
               I see a body with a bottle,
               Exhausted, frazzled, worn-out,
               But what I loved before
               Does not



ouch. that hurt my demons. they've been clawing to get out and you just made me DEFINATELY not go drink today. thank you again

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