Broken Effort


United States
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Momma said to never cry over spilt milk and broken cookies but, she never said anything about a broken heart.

Its just as hard to pick up the tiny shatters and unlike crumbs they are not carpet cleanable, they stay, stain, and burn a hole through the very floor of your soul.

I was told when I was young that nobody can hear the pop of a breaking heart-string so you have to make sure it is never hurt;

But I'm sorry mommy its all my fault! I left it out and exposed and just when I thought it was safe it wasn't!

Not just one string it was all,

I broke my love instrument and now I don't think I can love only fall.

At least not without a new heart for mine is not repairable, no longer even a damaged good but more like a scenario,

of what could have been before everything that was solid ground started quaking, and rearranging itself to fit the profile of that of a being with no other outcome except lonely defeat,

and even though we've been running the long mile,

hope just seems to be the horizon beyond our reach.




I teared up reading this poem. I thought the emotion in it was very strong. I believe one of the strongest compliments a writer can recieve is the emotions of their readers.


Thank you! I suck at responding but im glad you like it.

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