Broken Branches

Tue, 12/30/2014 - 02:30 -- debo77



I lie here not knowing if I’m awake or asleep

I quickly open my eyes to realize the reality I once knew no longer exist

I no longer exist

A darkness now consumes me

Leaving me just a shell of my former self

Evil and rage are now my only thoughts

Evil because my past has come back to haunt me

And rage because I cant change what has already been done


The hours and days pass

And the darkness gets deeper and darker

The evil continues to grow

As does the rage

I begin to hope this is just a nightmare

That I cant awake from

Or a daydream that is ongoing

Or I’m in limbo between life and death and this my punishment


This is my reality now

Afraid to close my eyes at night because of the Demons that haunt me

Afraid to open my eyes because I cant face myself

But this is who I am this is what I’ve become


Then I abruptly awake from this nightmare and shaken from my daydream

And my reality becomes clear

And I wonder if any of this or that was real

Is what we once had true

Was she ever real

I can’t make her real

She isn't real

She’s just a myth I once believed in


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