She’s Broken, torn, shattered and abused

scared to try again

Because she’s been so misused

Not sure what to say, how to feel, or what to believe

Just believing that the Next like the


Will do nothing but deceive

Wanting to relax, wanting to feel

To breath

To have something Real

Desiring to love again

But the first time she tried that

They played with her heart

Then they tossed it in her hand

Numb to what others say “in good intention”

How they are different they never fail to mention

Pessimistic Always expecting the Worst

She plans to hurt them before

They get a chance to hurt her First


But her punctured heart

Still it  beats every now and then

Wanting to allow someone special in

Even though sadly It knows

With each and every pulse it’s life’s blood overflows

And with each beat

The girl it belongs to only wants to


Back to the comfort of her cold-hard


Because she knows within it she is free

To Dwell


but safe

Where no one can hurt her again

Or cause her unbandagable Pain

The kind that almost drove her

Selflessly Insane

Those who look at her will never know

How she wishes

That she would have never seen

Love’s beautifully crafted present’s bow

And never pulled the ribbon’s satin locks

Like Pandora opening that Dreadful box

Out poured hurt, Disappointment,

and Lies

Blood pounding in her ears, salty burning cheeks

and Watery Eyes

Nightly breaks downs

Weeping alone

And Out cries

But she closed the lid just in time

Because what is left Maybe

What she needs to Find

What may help her  Cope

Is there in that beautifully deceptive


from: love

There Lies only


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