Bring Me to Light

In my darkest moments I had always stood alone,

My pain kept within the confines of my mind

Or spilling blood on my wrists.

I had seen people loving and hating,


But I never found myself among them.

Their happiness, even their sadness, was so far from mine.

There was no one to look into my eyes and say "You're hurting"

Despite my adamant disagreement that I was fine.

It felt so weak to feel,

So pointless,

Because the result was always exactly the same;


But then, from across a room,

I saw you,


And I was                    wonderstruck.

You had the most                    beautiful smile

I'd ever seen,  And a heart to match. I tried not to fall,    

 but before I knew it I was hanging on, Clinging to the cliff,

by my finger tips. Struggling to understand what I was

feeling, trying to comprehend that I actually was

feeling. That I had been falling for you

Since the moment I laid

Eyes on you.

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