Bring it to the light.

Lord forgive me for my sins.                                                                                            

Sometime I feel I could never win.                                                                                          

They must be the reason I have oh so many late nights it my thoughts that I always seem to fight.

Feeling like I'm blinded so I call to you for the answers waiting for the results like he ask the doc "is it cancer".

The tears over the years that I shed as I lay in the bed with nothing but my thoughts in my head I have to push them out and focus on getting this bread. 

They say they understand but it never feels like it so I drink another glass just to stop the pain a lil bit.

Sometimes I think I am insane which of course never helps the pain. 

So I write. My writers block keeps out the harmful memories use to seem like I'd run down a hall but could never find the keys...

To the door that holds the truth to what I actually need in my life with my mind free my thoughts soar higher than any kite. 

I've seemed to get closer to the sun so it no more darkness seems as if my life has just begun so it's no more darkness....but this black ink. 


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