Breakthrough: That Feeling of Brand New



I felt brand-new.


More specifically in-love once again.

Not with a person but with myself.

With my life, who I am, and where I'm going.

Not concietingly speaking, but once again I am in love with me.

Happy to be given the life I have, what my goals are, and how I am going to get there.

No, its not quite easy (haha), but as I go through my days, I'll make sure to smile upon them.

Think about my family and friends who await for me, believe in me, and have faith in me.

Most importantly thank God and have faith in myself.


Because obstacles have long made me doubt in me, my abilities, my future...

but I realize that's not for anyone else to determine.

I'll smile and stay strong all the way, just like I've had. 

Here, feeling extremely excited about what the future holds for me, I smile.

Here, at the dawn of a new morning, I smile.

Laying down, feeling cool, at peace, but warm at the same time.

It has given me a brand-new feeling of the person I have always been inside, all along, all my life.

Like breaking the shell of an egg or shedding your skin.

Only now, she is smiling too, and coming through for the world to see,

(A breakthrough),

it almost makes it seem all brand new.


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