Breaking Walls: The Prologue


Who are you? Who am I? Who are we? A simple question that needs a simple answer. But do we give it?


As we answer we think of the sapphire blue ocean we call our mind and say something new. We say “I’m the handsome prince of your dreams” and such. Are those the schemes and dreams of our lives? That maybe we could be better. That maybe we could be different. Well maybe but I know that to be different you got to be you. Does the question remain?


Only because we have a third of the answer. What makes “we” who we are is not to surround yourself with the not really different and the game changers you have to settle with average and mediocre to realize you have the power to change average and  mediocre into the game changers.  This is what makes you different. Your mistakes that make you human. Being human is what we are. Being human is what I am!  I am a lover a fighter the protector and provider! I am who I am. But still another third of the question remains. Who are we? We may be different from each other in every single way but the way we feel will always be the same. But we could never be the same because I am me and you are you and we are ok. This doesn’t answer the question because the answer will always be inside you.


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