Breaking The Silence ( my coming out story)

I found myself staring up at the wall 

the wall of my emotions I remember being at her house 

laying on her lap

I turn my head to look at her

and she blew my mind. 


I didn’t expect it 

but it came natural 

A wave of emotions 

flooded my thoughts 

I was questioning everything 

when it was over I was happy.


Not happy it was over with 

but happy it happened

because in that moment with her 

she opened my eyes to see

the world from a different 

point of view. 


So I began to see 

what I see now, instead of 

seeing it as a ‘regular’ person

I see it as I am supposed to

I see a world full of people 

who care and understand me

I see people who are just like me 

They understand. 


That kiss was magical 

It changed my perspective 

It all makes sense now. 

She opened the doors to  her world with one kiss and now I understand. 


For a while I was fighting to 

understand who I really was. 

And I thought of  kissing her, and thought it would just confuse things. 

 But at the time I didn't understand my own sexuality. 


Thanks to her she helped me understand and I am not afraid to tell people. 

All my friends know, but telling my parents would be difficult

knowing that my mom is very religious and she always says

that people who are 'like me' I thought, are sinful and will end up in hell…


But she doesn't understand, that this is who I am. 


And nothing she can say or do will change that.


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